Ambrose Rachier Opens up on Offering Human Sacrifice to Freemasons.

Ambrose Rachier Reveals the truth about offering human sacrifices to free Masons

Ambrose Rachier Opens Up on Offering Human Sacrifices to Freemasons. Gormahia chairman has gone viral on social media pages after he confessed openly that he is a member of the secret society, identified as Freemasons.

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Speaking in an interview with NTV. Ambrose revealed that he joined the group in 1994, and he was initiated by his friend. For more than 20 years he has gained alot from the society and now he is among the senior members of the group.

Ambrose Rachier
Ambrose Rachier/Courtesy

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Rachier said that it is not a secret society as many people usually say. He said it is just a religion like Christianity and Islam. He even revealed that they usually use the holy books such as Bible and Quran during their sessions.

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When it comes to offering human sacrifices, Ambrose Rachier said that those are just false myths. He said they aren’t devil worshippers. Therefore they never offer any sacrifices . They respect human beings and they never shed any blood for personal gains.

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He even went ahead and used his own family and even said that he has already initiated his family members. Rachier revealed that so far he has initiated 20 people. He therefore concluded by saying that they never offer Human Sacrifices to their supreme being.

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