5 Things You Need to Know About Kayle and Briana( Bro and Siz who are dating), Before Judging Them.

The story of Kayla and Briana, kenyan young couple that consist of a brother and sister who are seriously dating and optimistic of having a family together really caused stir online. People started throwing insults at them before understanding the whole narrative.

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Here are things you need to know before throwing insults at them.
1. They are still young
Kayla and Briana are still young and this is a first love thing, most probably they really don’t even understand what they are doing, they are just in love and love is the thing that is controlling them. As they mature they may open their eyes and maybe change their minds.
2. When They Met they didn’t know that they were siblings.
The two met in school, just like normal hangouts, and their chemistry clicked, matched well and they started dating without knowing that they are siblings. They knew later after creating a strong bond that can’t be broken easily.
3. Their father messed them up.
Kayla revealed that the whole blame was on dad, who was a dead beat and still , he made his mother pregnant and left them, he wasn’t aware that he has another siblings and this is what led to all this, they can’t escape the reality because it is how it is.
4, They know it is a curse for them to be in love.
TThe two know it is against the norms of African culture and even the bible condemn incest. They are fully aware of that, but they choose to ride on the sections of the bible whereby we are told some people married their relatives.
5, They just need counselling.
It seems to be a big deal, and instead of throwing insults at them, the two just need counselling and this will help them to accept the reality and change their minds, its too early and the situation can be managed well.

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