” Aliuliwa it was not an Accident” Close Friend Reveals 3 People Behind Brian Chira’s Death.

There have been alot of stories concerning the death of Brian Chira. It is said that he died through a tragic road accident. Whereby there was an overspeeding lorry, that hit him and ran away. That is according to the information written at the police station by eyewitness.

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However one of the close friends of Brian Chira has claimed that ,Chira was killed and she has enough evidence to prove that. She said that, she is aware that ever since he was taken to jail and got out, 3 people have been following him, and have been just trying to mess up with him .
The friend said that when Chira got out of the 1st club that night he had fought those 3 people. She alleged that they had injured him,and they had to plan how to cover up.

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According to the friend, Chira was hit on the head and laid across the road. She said that the impact of a lorry accident couldn’t have only broke Chiras head alone. Remember it was only the had that had serious scars. All the other body parts had no scars.

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The friend said that the postmortem is out, but the family has decided to hide it because they just want to bury Chira. She said there are alot of unanswered questions that need to be addressed.

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