” Alikuwa Anafanana Maiti ” Andrew Kibe Mocks Akothee’s Wedding.

The chief critic officer and content creator who doesn’t care whatever he says, Andrew Kibe, finally decided to react to Akothee’s wedding. This was the most awaited reaction, keeping in mind that Kibe always has very savage reactions, when it comes to things related to love.

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Speaking through his YouTube live, Kibe started by mocking Akothee for marrying Dennis, well known as Omosh, he said that Omosh is a very young man as compared to Akothee’s age.

The content creator went on and said that it was a very horrible wedding. He said that Akothee was looking like a corpse. According to Andrew Kibe, the person who did her makeup, messed up with everything.

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He said that Akothee’s face is not for makeup, it makes her look like a dead person. She could have just walked down the aisle natural with only a lip balm, all the other things were not necessary. They just make her look weird.

Kibe said that Akothee has no true friends. They could have adviced her not to wear makeup. They could have told her the truth, and maybe the wedding could have been amazing. But according to him, he just saw two different people, and the one who was doing the wedding wasn’t the real Akothee he knows.

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Kibe has urged Akothee to reach out at him so that they can have a conversation. He feels like he is the only true friend who can advice her very well.

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