A Video of Brian Chira Showing His Kaju–Lus Live On Camera.

The late Brian Chira was a very controversial tiktoker.He was famous but people will always remember him, for all the crazy things he used to do live on camera especially when intoxicated.

He was an alcohol addict, despite battling with HIV /AIDS. He was warned several times to quit alcohol but he didn’t listen, and most people say that addiction to alcohol and mental health issues might be the one that led to his death, which was via a tragic road accident.

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A previous video of Brian Chira showing his private parts online, has resurfaced and it has really caused stir online. It was during a live session with Obidan Dela and Chira went on to show his private parts live on camera.

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He was under alcohol influence, and he was just talking vulgar language as he insults his followers. That was his habit whenever he was under alcohol influence.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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