A Section of Tiktokers Allege That Mama Jeff Was Paid to Denie His Son Justice.

Tiktokers accusing Jeff Mwathi's Mother

The story of Jeff Mwathi is still on the trends, alot of romours and speculations have been emerging online regarding the controversial death of the 23 years old interior designer. A section of tiktokers have alleged that there is something that might have happened behind the scenes.

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Jeff Mwathi died at DJ Fatxo’s residence some months ago. According to information from the detectives, it has been reported that Jeff might have committed suicide, because they were unable to find evidence that he was killed.
However a section of tiktokers who were actively campaigning for Justice for Jeff, have turned their guns to his mother.

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Through a Tiktok live, the tiktokers claimed that something happened behind the scenes, and they alleged that Jeff’s mother might have been paid by Dj Fatxo to cover up the whole issue.

It was an emotional live, whereby some of the people who were at the forefront of the Justice for Jeff demonstrations, were shedding tears as they seem to be terribly hurted.

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Peter Kioi and his crew said that they don’t want to point fingers to anyone, but they are sure that someone or something happened behind their backs and very soon the truth will come out. They even regretted risking their life for the justice that was denied.

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Tiktokers managed to raise upto ksh.300,000 to support all the operations , demonstration and also support Jeff Mwathi’s family during their had times. However the way things are going on, most of them seem to be betrayed.

Watch full video here.


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