A man with a golden heart: See How Sadio  Mane Has Helped his Villagers

Sadio mane in his village

Sadio Mane is one of the best players in Africa and also in EPL before joining Bayern Munich in Germany. Sadio Mane has helped his Villagers in all sectors.

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Spending 3/4 of his salary in helping his Villagers.

The Senegalese super star is among the few or lets say the only African player. Who spends 3/4 of his salary to helping his Villagers.

From Building a hospital in the village to giving each household in his village Ksh. 7000 per month, here is the list of things Mane has done for his Villagers.

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The striker comes from a poor background.  His way to success has been through God. The prayers of his parents and villagers have also helped him.

Everyone has played a role in the making of Mane. He is like a small jesus in his village. Because he has been using his success to give back to the community.

The maestro started shining at Southampton. Liverpool signed him and in this club he has been able to do a lot.  He has generally won the 3 major cups in Europe including the bigger one which is champions league.

Sadio Mane has helped his Villagers through the money he got after wining thr top trophies. He has really developed his village.

See How Sadio Mane Has Helped his Villagers.

▶ Built a school worth €270,000.
▶ Built a hospital worth €530,000.
▶ Gives each family €70 monthly.
▶ Provides free clothes to kids.
▶ Access to the 4G network thanks to his partnership with Orange.
▶ Gas station through Oryx Senegal soon.

Paying Tickets for his Villagers.

Whenever he is playing a big match such as champions league final or the African Cup of nations final.Sadio Mane has been always paying tickets for some of his Villagers to come and watch him play live in the stadium.

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The superstar has achieved a lot. The prayers of his villagers have worked out. Currently he is among the top ten best players in the world.

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