14 Seater Matatu Rams into Numerous Mercedes Benz on Sale Along Ngong Road.(Video).

Accident Along Ngong Road


A video of a  14 Seater Matatu that caused massive destruction at Mercedes Benz Ltd along Ngong road has surfaced online and caused stir.

According to the video, the driver of the Matatu lost control and the matatu seemed to be in a very high speed, it got off the road, and rammed into more than 3 expensive Mercedes Benz that were on sale.
Luckily no one was injured, sources have revealed that the driver survived and he is in a stable condition, just sustained some minimal injuries.
The Benz were brand new cars, and it is an investment of someone who was expecting to get a good profit from it. This is a very huge loss because repairing and getting the spair parts of Mercedes Benz is very costly.
(Here is the video of the Matatu, how it lost control and destroyed the expensive Mercedes Benz cars).

(courtesy, Buzzroomkenya).
Accident do happen, but in this case I think the owner of the Matatu will just be forced to pay for the damages, because it will be hard for the insurance company to cover up for all that damages, it may cover but a small percentage.

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