Yesu Wa Tongaren PromisesTo Feed 5000 People With Only 1 Chicken.

In a surprising revelation, a Bungoma-based man of God has announced that he is yet to perform any miracles this year, but has promised a spectacular one involving the feeding of 5000 people with just one chicken. While this claim may seem extraordinary, the pastor asserts that he possesses the power to perform such a feat and urges people to wait and witness the miracle unfold.

The announcement has sparked curiosity and skepticism among the public, with many wondering whether such a miraculous event is indeed possible. Feeding 5000 people with one chicken would require not only a divine intervention but also a logistical marvel, as it defies the laws of nature and mathematics.

However, the pastor remains resolute in his claim, stating that he has the ability to do anything through the power vested in him. He has not provided specific details on when or where this miracle will take place, but has invited the public to witness it firsthand.

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Miracles have always been a subject of debate and interpretation, with some viewing them as divine interventions while others attribute them to natural or scientific explanations. Regardless of one’s beliefs, the pastor’s promise of feeding 5000 people with one chicken is certainly a remarkable claim that has captured the attention of many.

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As we await the unfolding of this purported miracle, one thing is certain – it will be an event that will be talked about for years to come, whether as a testament to faith or as a lesson in skepticism.

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