” We Enda Home” Otile Brown Chased Away By Fans While Performing On The Stage At Raha Festival.

It seems like its becoming a tragic era for Otile Brown, who is one of the most celebrated musicians in Kenya. He has been facing backlash after backlash, this is after he publicly said that there is no international artists in Kenya. A section of Kenyans led by Krg The Don felt offended.

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Otile Brown was among the Kenyan musicians who were lined up to perform at the Raha Festival, which was more of a Davido show, however the show might have turned out to be one of his baddest show in 2024 so far.

He took the stage and it seems like not everyone was pleased as usual, after just a short performance, people started heckling at Otile Brown, the crowd seemed to be very angry with him, and they didn’t want him to continue performing.

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From the crowd you could hear people booing at him, and they were telling him to go home, it is like they didn’t want him to continue performing. This rarely happens in Kenya, because kenyans always love their artists. Otile Brown should take this into consideration and apologise to kenyans or else things might get messy soon.

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