Vera Sidika Opens Up on Getting Pregnant.

Vera Sidika reveals when Brown Mauzo will make her pregnant.

Vera Sidika Opens Up on getting pregnant: Mama Asia famous as Queen Vee has decided to reveal to the public , when she will get pregnant again.

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Vera is currently a mother of one beautiful baby girl known as Asia Brown. She is also happily married and settled with her handsome husband and musician Brown Mauzo.

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After giving birth to Asia, Vera revealed that her pregnancy journey was very amazing and she would like to repeat it again. Earlier she had revealed that she might get pregnant in 2023 , because she misses the pregnancy moments.

Vera Sidika Opens Up on getting pregnant:
Vera Sidika Opens Up on getting pregnant

However in her latest Instagram page stories , Vee seems to have changed the tune. She has said that she is probably planning to get pregnant in 2024 , that is God willing.

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Vee is among the Socialites that no one thought that they can make good wife materials. She has however changed people’s perceptions about her , because she has proved to be a good mum and her daughter is very healthy, her relationship is very healthy free from scandals.

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