” Ukininulia Gari Kama Ya Diana Marua Nitakuzalia” Dorea Chege Tells Her Fiance Dj Djibull.

Dorea Chege and Dj Djibull

The clip of Dorea Chege telling her fiance Dj Djibull to buy her a car so that she can get pregnant for him has gone viral online, and it has caused stir online. Many netizens, especially on Tiktok have termed that as a redflag.

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According to the voice note, Dorea is heard telling her fiance, that if you buy me a car like that one on the road, then I will get pregnant for you.

” Walae beb ukinibuyia gari kama ile nakuzali” Dorea said.
Dj Djibull was shocked and reverted to her saying, so a car is the reason why you haven’t got pregnant for me.
” Kwa hivyo gari ndio inafanya hujanizalia” Dj Djibull said.
Dorea responded by saying that she doesn’t want her children to be carried in a Subaru.
” Sii hivyo beb, kwani wewe unataka watoto wako wabebewe kwa Subaru” she said.

Dj Djibull concluded by telling her that he will take her at Diana Maruas place to see the car , she wants. This was quite a controversial conversation, and when it leaked online, a section of netizens have warned Dj Djibull. They have told him that he is ignoring redflags and this thing will end in premium tears.

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There is a time that Dorea Chege went viral online, for diminishing her boyfriend, by saying that she can’t date a man who earns more money than her. Meaning her boyfriend was earning less money than her. She was forced to apologise online.
The two had a misunderstanding , but they later solved out their issues and reunited. They even proposed to each other, and the only remaining thing is for them to walk down the isle.

Click the link below to watch full video on Tiktok


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