” Ni Uchungu” Sad Video of Mai Mahiu Man Carrying The Dead Body of His Son .

The Maimahiu floods were unexpected and caught many people unaware. This comes amid the heavy rainfalls that are being experienced in Kenya and most parts of the nations have been greatly affected.

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In Maimahiu, the old Kijabe Dam broke its banks at around 4:00 am , and it swept away the entire village. The floods were very strong to an extend that they swept away vehicles on the road including the EasyCoach bus.
The figures of the dead individuals were still counting and atleast 48 people were confirmed dead. This is a very huge number, may their souls rest in peace.
However a video of a middle aged man carrying the dead body of his son on his shoulder has really caused stir online. It was a very sad video and you could literally tell the pain the young man was going through.
Here is the video.

We hope all shall be well, floods are a natural calamity, we can’t blame the government because it might even try its best but floods sometimes they can’t be stopped, we saw cities like Dubai which is based in first world countries being affected by floods.

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