Thee Pluto Opens Up On Doing DNA Test of His Daughter.

Thee Pluto responds on doing DNA Test.

Thee Pluto finally decided to respond to the viral video of Andrew Kibe urging him to do a DNA test of his daughter Zoey. Kibe said that he is ready to pay for the DNA test and regardless of the results , whether negative or positive, he will pay Thee Pluto ksh.134,000.

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Kibe alleged that he is sure that baby Zoey doesn’t belong to Thee Pluto, he claimed that he has enough evidence to prove that Felicity cheated on Thee Pluto, and he is also optimistic that The DNA test can also reveal the truth.

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After battling with depression, which made him take a social media break for a while, Thee Pluto made a comeback online, and his first post was a photo of him and Felicity chilling beside their car. He went on an captioned;
“Ati bloggers wanasema nini huko nje”
One of the fans responded by telling him, that bloggers are claiming that baby Zoey doesn’t belong to him and he should do a DNA Test.
Thee Pluto clapped back with a laughter and he said that.
” Wakichoka watalala”.

Thee Pluto opens up on doing DNA Test
Thee Pluto opens up on doing DNA Test

This means that he isn’t ready to do the DNA test or he isn’t even planning to do such a thing. He is sure that the baby belongs to him, and since Felicity got pregnant, the two used to share their pregnancy journey online. Therefore Thee Pluto has enough reason to be sure that Zoey is his baby.

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In a video With Felicity Shiru, Thee Pluto said that he will stop listening to bloggers or responding to them, because they are the reason why he gets unnecessary pressures that lead to depression. He also said that he want to build a strong relationship with God through prayers.

Click the link to watch full video on YouTube.

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