Stivo Simple Boy Returns To Kibera After Landlord Kicked Him Out of Buruburu Apartment.

Stivo Simple Boys story and struggling with finances is something that has been heard by Kenyans several times, and it is like it is happening again.It seems the musician is struggling financially and everything is not okay.

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In 2023, Peter Salasya came through for Stevo Simple Boy, helped him to acquire a cool apartment in Buruburu area, and wanted to support him, help him live like a celebrated musicians.

His manager Chingi boy who recently resigned , revealed that Salasya only paid the deposit, and he is the one who has been helping Stevo to pay the rent. However things went left between the two and he decided to part ways with Simple Boy.

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Inside report has alleged that due to inability to pay rent, the celebrated Kenyan musician Stevo Simple Boy, was kicked out by the landlord out of the Buruburu apartment and forced to return to Kibera where he started life.
Stevo has been through alot, and in 2024 he has already faced hell. His wife was impregnated by someone else. His manager dumped him, when it comes to shows he isn’t getting alot of shows, thus making him to struggle financially and find difficulties sustaining himself.

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