Stevo Simple Boy Rejects Collabo with Krg The Don, Offers Him a Vixen Role in His Music Video.

Stevo Simple Boy Rejects Collabo With Krg The Don

In a recent interview with Trudy Kitui, renowned Kenyan musician Stevo Simple Boy created a buzz online as he addressed the possibility of collaborating with the wealthy Kenyan dancehall artist, Krg The Don. Despite being questioned about the collaboration, Simple Boy took a bold stance, dismissing Krg as not being an artist but merely a video vixen.

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Stevo Simple Boy, who gained notoriety for his controversial statements in 2023, made it clear that he and Krg were fundamentally different individuals. He adamantly declared that a musical collaboration between them was out of the question and would never materialize. Instead, he provocatively suggested that the only favor he could extend to Krg was hiring him as a video vixen for one of his songs, with a promise of substantial compensation.

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This statement adds fuel to the ongoing verbal war between the two musicians, with Krg previously belittling Simple Boy by comparing him to a scarecrow and asserting his wealth superiority over the entire generation of Stevo Simple Boy.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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