“Stevo Ajaribu Content Creation, Tumetoa 10 Songs but Youtube We Earned only Ksh.10,000”.

Stevo Simple Boy manager decided to open up on what has been happening on the artists life. The manager revealed that Stevo has been facing a challenge, and mostly is from his family.

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Family has been hiding him, and hence when people want to help him, they can’t find him. Manager said that Simple Boy has failed to be helped by Flaqo , Director Trevor and also Obinna who were very willing.

He even agreed with the idea that , Stevo Simple Boy should become a content creator because his music is not doing well. Apart from not getting enough shows, Stevo has released more than 10 songs, including a collaboration with Babu Owino, but on his YouTube account he hasn’t even reached the threshold.

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The manager revealed that the balance of YouTube is ksh.10,000. Yet they have been using ksh.15,000 to record audios and other more money to shoot videos. He therefore said that Obinna was right that Stevo should try content creation, and find a way of increasing his YouTube revenue.

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He said that he should not quit music, but he should include content creation , because he is funny and the likes of Obinna and Pritty Vishy were much ready to help him.

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