Slayqueens Stranded in Naivasha After Their Wababaz Used Them Abandoned Them.

Slayqueens dumped in Mombasa after WRC Rally Event

Slayqueens Stranded in Naivasha After Their Wababaz Used Them Abandoned Them.

On 24th Friday 2022 , Vasha was the name that was trending online. Nairobi Slayqueens were rolling in Subarus and expensive vehicles of their sponsors as they make tiktok videos and enjoy moments with their old boyfriends. Little did they know that it will end in premium tears.

Information that has been obtained from one of the reliable source, famous as the Nairobi Gossip Club, it has been reported that,majority of Slayqueens from NairobiĀ  have been abandoned by their boyfriends at Naivasha Hells gate.

The Slayqueens have been said to be stranded and they are trying to beg well wishers to just give them free lifts to Nairobi. They are broke and the Naivasha environment is new to them, I mean most of them were depending on their sponsors. The sponsors just used them and left to go back to Nairobi to see their wives.
(Here is the screenshot).

Slayqueens Abandoned in Naivasha by their boyfriend after WRC

It is not a new thing, last year 2021 Safari Rally in Naivasha, the same thing happened and alot of ladies were abandoned in Naivasha after the event was over and even some were forced to beg for help online. Ladies should always learn from things like this.

It is good to have a sponsor but also be stable and independent because at all a married person will give you peanuts, use you and dump you. There is no way a married person will marry you, please ladies be keen and have independent mindsets.

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