Shix Kapienga: Why Men Fear Approaching Me.

Shix Kapienga is one of the most amazing celebrities in Kenya, the jamdown host is just a vibe, and she is among the few female celebrities who are free from scandals, she is just s good vibe and loves what she does.

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Her road to fame started long time ago, at a show called BebaBeba, before she advanced to Papa Shirandula. From there she became a big deal, and she has been landing into well paying gigs with different companies.

When it comes to her relationship status, Shix is very private, and we have never seen her opening up on her dating life. She decided to keep things to herself.

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However speaking during an interview at Obinna TV, Kapienga said that  men have been really fearing to seduce her.

One of the main reason why men fear her , is because of how she is too much of a Ghetto girl. Being brought up in Kangemi and adapting to Ghetto life, has made her to be viewed as a Ghetto lady.

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Her dressing code in videos during acting and her language, gives her more of a Ghetto lady, and that is why men fear approaching her, because most Ghetto ladies are usually viewed as bad girls.
Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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