“Shame on You, The President Was Lying And He Needs to Apologise” Fearless Susan Kihika Says.

Susan Kihika Vs Uhuru Kenyattaa


Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika has come out openly to speak about the allegations by President Uhuru Kenyattaa over the impeachment plans by his deputy William Ruto.

Speaking in an interview with Jeff Koinange on Citizen Tv, Kihika who seemed to be very fearless, termed the allegations as propaganda that is meant to turnish the deputy president’s name, and make people of the Mountain to hate him and not to vote for him.

Kihika said that everyone that is very close to the president has said that they were not aware of those claims. Speaking very boldly, Kihika said that Raila himself who is a very close friend of Uhuru Kenyattaa, publicly said that he wasn’t aware of such allegations.
(Photo of Susan Kihika at Citizen TV).

(Image Source, Screen grab citizen YouTube).

The legislatorā€™s who make laws have also publicly admitted that they have never heard and they were not aware of such accusations. Moreover if it is true that Ruto had once tried to impeach Uhuru, then the president could have said it before, why is he waiting for the election period so that he can start to fuel such sensitive allegations.

Kihika said that those allegations are pure lies, and it is a very big shame to the head of state, and he needs to publicly apologise to Kenyans. Kihika said that the president has been using negative accusations to make his deputy look bad, and that is what he has been always doing at Sagana.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.
(courtesy of Citizen tv).

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