Senior Pastors Spotted Bowing Down Before Prophet Owour As He Addresses Them. (Photos)

Prophet Owour.





A photo of senior pastors of repentance and holiness ministry bowing down to their leader. Prophet Owour as he addresses them has gone viral online. The photo has attracted mixed reactions from online netizens because it is something unusual.

(image, courtesy).

Prophet Owour is their leader and his followers usually show total respect to him because it is alleged that he is the saviour and also performs miracles. He has a very big ministry and his followers praise him. Owour has won the hearts of many Kenyans and majority of his followers believe that he is the messiah sent by almighty God hence they always worship him.

I think this is something that only happens in some churches, before God we are equal and the only person you are supposed to bow down before is almighty God. What are your comments on this?.

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