RIP, Manzi Wa Kibera Confirms That His Boyfriend is Dead.

The heartbreaking news that have been approved by Manzi wa Kibera via a phone call with Presenter Ali, it has been confirmed that his old boyfriend, whom they were in an on and off relationship, is dead. The Mzee was 66 years old by the time he met his death.

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The two dated for more than 2 years and there controversial relationship always made them to go viral online. The breakups were part of the journey and even sometimes, Mzee said that he was battling with depression because Manzi wa Kibera had dumped him.

RIP, Manzi Wa Kibera Confirms That His Boyfriend is Dead.

In a phone call, Manzi Wa Kibera said that she is in Mombasa Kenya and the news got her by shock hence she is on her way to Nairobi after cutting off all her plans, to start burial arrangements for her lover.
She said it is not clout chasing, she has confirmed with his uncle and it is true that Mzee was ill for sometime and then passed on at Kibera, and the last time they were together was on 31st , though she has been sending him money.
RIP Mzee

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