RIP Daniel Koikai: This is What Really Happened to Njambi Koikai’s Dad.

Information from reliable sources have confirmed that Mr Daniel Koikai, the dad to Njambi Koikai who was laid to rest on 14th June , was found dead at his estate.

The dad wasn’t present at the funeral but he had wrote a tribute , which was read at the funeral, and he apologised for being an absent dad due to official duties. He was an ambassador and he was always outside the country.
Through the  screenshot messages that have gone viral online. Mr Daniel Koikai is alleged to have committed suicide, yesterday night, and the family was aware of everything , they just wanted to finish the burial of Njambi so that they can make the announcement.
It is alleged that Koikai was found with stabbed wounds, insinuating that he might have committed suicide, because of the loss of his beloved daughter. During the memorial service Mr Koikai said that it is painful for a parent to burry their children. He was very emotional, and maybe the thoughts are the ones that made him to take away his life.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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