How Pritty Vishy’s Deadbeat Dad Used to twa twa with Her Aunt Infront of Them.

Pritty Vishy exposes her deadbeat father for sleeping with her aunt infront of them.

Pritty Vishy’s Deadbeat Dad used to cheat on her mother with Pritty Vishy’s aunt or the sister to Pritty Vishy’s mother. Pritty said that thing still hurts her till today.

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About Pritty Vishy’s Deadbeat Dad.

Pritty Vishy narrated everything.  startingfrom how her father used to beat her mother to how he used to sleep with her mothers sister (Auntie).Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve. Pritty Vishy said openly that she won’t and maybe will never forgive her biological dad.

How He used to beat her mother

Pritty Vishy’s Deadbeat father was a very violent man. Pritty said that he frequently used to beat up her mother. she said that her mum has been through GBV in the name of trying to save her marriage.

How His father used to sleep with his aunt.

Pritty said that it reached to a point that when her mother left home to go and hustle, his father will call her mothers sister. They will go ahead have sex on the Matrimonial bed as pritty witness the scene.

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Pritty Vishy’s Deadbeat was fearless and he was also a harlot. Hence he used to sleep with many ladies, thus risking the health of her mum.

How his father dumped her mother

Pritty said what sucked her most was when her father dumped her mother, who was a woman with 2 kids only. The man went ahead to marry a woman with six kids.

Pritty was only 5 years when her mother and father separated. Her father has never supported her in any way. Pritty Vishy completely sees no reason to forgive him now. Maybe in future she might, but for now she can’t.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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