Prince Mwiti: I Support Truthwatchdog, Justice For Chira,The Truth Must Come Out.

One of the most famous kenyan tiktoker Prince Mwiti has finally decided to open up on the trending story of Justice for his best friend Brian Chira. Mwiti said that he is still in shock and wondering how his best friend died.

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He said that when he saw the photos of Chira , and related them to an accident, things were not adding up. He said that they claimed that he was hit by a lorry that was in motion but the injuries could clearly tell that wasn’t an accident. He was only injured on head.

Mwiti said that he will backup Truthwatchdog and help him to make sure that the truth is revealed to the public. He said that he used to party with William Chira, and while in the club, people used to hit them calling them members of LGBTQ.
Mwiti is therefore supporting Truthwatchdog to make sure that the truth is revealed to the public and justice for Brian Chira is well served.

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