” Please Don’t Share With My Kids” Nyako Cries After Her ‘Bean’ Video Leaked.

Pilot Nyako , a Kenyan content creator and tiktoker based in Germany, find herself in a hot soup, after one of the famous tiktoker, who used to be her best friend, Big Daddy decided to leak Nyako’s private video.

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Nyako had earlier said that she is aware that someone has her nudes, and it is a matter of time, she knew all this could happen , but not how it happened so fast.
She went online via her tiktok , shedding tears, she was emotional while urging netizens, to please not share videos, with her children . Nyako said that she is well if her siblings see the videos but her children no. She was emotional and helpless.

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The content creator decided to apologise anyone she has ever hurt, she urged people who have her videos to to please protect her kids. They will be disgusted and broken if they see the videos.

" Please Don't Share With My Kids" Nyako Cries After Her 'Bean' Video Leaked.
” Please Don’t Share With My Kids” Nyako Cries After Her ‘Bean’ Video Leaked.

Information from the reliable sources have already revealed that Big Daddy has already leaked the video. She said that she regrets getting intimate with the man, and the videos have really heartbroken her.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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