” Nilimkula na Niko na Picha” Ringtone Apoko Opens Up On Having Twa Twa With Eric Omondi’s Mother.

Ringtone Apoko vs Eric Omondi

In a recent interview at his Runda residence, Ringtone Apoko stirred up a personal feud with Eric Omondi by making startling revelations about their past. The gospel artist openly admitted to having a romantic involvement with a woman he referred to as Eric’s “mother auntie,” sparking a viral storm online.

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During the interview, Apoko, unapologetic about the revelation, emphasized the truth of his claim and even hinted at possessing explicit content involving their intimate moments. Despite having explicit material, he asserted that he refrained from exposing it, citing advice from his pastor.

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Interestingly, Ringtone decided to delete the controversial content during the interview, expressing reluctance to publish it. He declared the end of the matter, stating that he would not dwell on it further. Apoko extended an apology to Eric, specifically for involving his family in their public dispute, urging him to refrain from attacking gospel artists.

For the complete video of the interview, follow the link below.

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