“Ni Wachafu Waende waoge” Vincent Mboya Badly Insults Mbogi Genje.

Vincent Mboya has hitted out at Mbogi Genje for attacking Krg the Don, Mboya badly insulted Mbogi Genje.

Vincent Mboya has come out openly to defend Krg the Don, following his beef with Mbogi Genje. Speaking in an interview with one of the online media, Mboya insulted Mbogi Genje very badly.

He said that Mbogi Genje are poor peasants who are struggling with life and faking to be living expensive life, but in real they are just desperate dudes. Vincent who refers to himself as ‘Chawa ya Krg the Don’,  said that Krg is very rich and he lives in a suburb at Kileleshwa while Mbogi are just living in the poor Umoja estate.
He completely finished Mbogi Genje, by telling them that they are dirty, they should go and have a shower for them to have good looks. “Hawa Mbogi Genje ni weusi sana, wanakaa wezi na wachafu, waende waoge kwanza ndio wapingane na Don” Mboya said.

Vincent Mboya is known for clout chasing, and always wanting to be on the trending. Since the Jalang’os story, Vincent Mboya has been always trending because of negative things.

Starting a beef with Mbogi Genje might lead him into troubles because Mbogi Genje have very loyal fans and fans who always support them. Yes Vincent is protecting Krg the Don, but this beef doesn’t concern him in any way and it is just a matter of minding thr business that doesn’t belong to him. Mbogi Genje and Krg have a very serious beef and this is a beef that can only be solved by them only because it is very personal.

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