“Ni Ukweliii Alinipiga Na Mwiko” Trevor Exposes Eve For Beating Him .

Finally Director Trevor decided to open up on their breakup, and confirming to the public that the two are for real not together. Trevor decided to do an interview with Iko Nini , just a week after Mungai Eve did an interview with Andrew Kibe and claiming that Trevor was immature.

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In an interview with Mwafreeka, Trevor decided to speak about the viral story of Eve beating him, he said that whatever people saw on Edgar Obare was true, and it is true that Mungai Eve hit him leaving him with a scar on face though it has healed.

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He said that he was just charging using Eves charger and all over sudden Mungai Eve got angry and came with a cooking stick thus hitting him on his forehead. In short he was hit because of using Mungai Eves charger.

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He said that he has never assaulted Eve, he always choose to be calm. The other side of story of Eve was lies, and she just used her best friend to go and tell Edgar that Trevor was the one assaulting her, but they had no evidence. Trevor said that is how it happened. It is true that the two are no longer together.

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