Ni Mali Safi Kuliko Mulamwah! Carol Sonnie Introduces Her New Boyfriend.

Just A year after having a very bitter fall out with her baby daddy, Carol Sonnie finally decided to introduce the love of her life, and the man who has been keeping her warm in bed.

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The young female celebrity and brand influencer , took her time very well to heal from a painful breakup, that almost led her to depression, because of the whole controversy that was brought by their breakup.

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She was accused of hanging out with Wababaz and allegedly cheating on her ex Mulamwah with other men. It was a nasty break up to a point that Mulamwah even denied his own child, making her to remove Mulamwah’s name from the child.

Ni Mali Safi! Carol Sonnie Introduces Her New Boyfriend.
Ni Mali Safi! Carol Sonnie Introduces Her New Boyfriend.

However Carol now seems to be a happy woman again. In a video she shared on her official Instagram page, Carol showed of her new man, and the first gift she was given was a brand new iPhone 15 Promax.

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This is an expensive phone and the latest iPhone in town , that is worth over Ksh.200,000. It is not clear if it was an advert, but from her Instagram stories, the two seems to be deeply in love. The name of the man is somehow hidden, but as time goes on, we will get to know more about him.All the best Carol Sonnie.


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