“Naskia Uchungu Sana, Nitakumiss” Makokha Gets Emotional While Narrating The Death of His Wife.

Veteran actor Makokha lost his wife Purity on June 1st 2024. According to Makokha his wife was a Cancer hero, and she had been battling with the disease for the last 18 years, she was a very strong woman, and he didn’t expect her to leave this soon.

Speaking in an interview at Tuko, Makokha said that the death of his wife was very painful and he recalls the last time when they took her to hospital. She applaused him for being a very supportive man, and to have walked through thick and thin with her.
He said that he used to take loans to make sure that his wife gets the treatment she deserves, despite undergoing a successful surgery, it seems like the cancer had already spread to other parts of the body, and this is what led to her  death.
Makokha got emotional while recalling the nice moments they had together, and said that he will never heal from this. He said that he will miss her company and it will take him time to accept that purity is gone. Makokha said that he is open for any support, especially financial support.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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