“Napiga BodaBoda Marufuku Kupita Garden Estate ” Krg Says After His iPhone Stolen.

One of the most famous and celebrated controversial kenyan musician and celebrity Krg The Don finally decided to open up on how his iPhone 14 pro max was stolen.

Speaking in an interview with online media, Krg The Don said that he was riding his bike in areas around Maroroi and the journey begun at Ridgeways at his home, through garden estate, and while he was just enjoying the ride, a Boda Boda rider , snatched his iphone 14 promax.
He said that he was unable to catch the rider and because he was on a bicycle he couldn’t do anything. He said that it pains him, because the phone had very important documents that are worth millions of money and this will delay his work, it is a blow to him.

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He said that he is not interested with the phone, what he want it is just documents and if he misses those documents, then he will ban Bodaboda riders from operating along Garden Estate, he will mobilize all the police officers and make sure that they have recovered it.
Krg The Don immediately ordered an iPhone 15 promax, this is the latest iPhone in town and it is worth ksh.300,000. He said that he will be using the phone while searching for the stolen one because of his documents and he is sure he will recover it.


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