Brian Chira’s Cousin Iano: Shosho Is not Treating Me Well, Hiyo 8 Million Mlichanga Hakuna Nyumba Imenunuliwa.

Brian Chira’s Cousin Iano has caused stir online after he decided to expose his grandmother, who went viral online after the death of Chira. Iano who is in form four decided to let the cat out of the bag and revealed what is happening behind the scenes.

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He said that his grandmother hasn’t been treating him well since the death of Brian Chira and also when the ksh.8 Million was raised to help them and the entire family. The money was to be used to buy a new house and support the cousins, who are Iano and the other one.

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However according to Iano, the money hasn’t been used to buy any house. It has been used to renovate the old house of Shosho. He said that is what they agreed on and there is no plans of buying any new house.

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Earlier on Baba Talisha had said that Iano is being sponsored, the young boy declined this and said that his school fees is fully paid by his father who is living in Uk. He said that there is nothing like sponsorship, he is being supported by his dad, while here in Kenya he just resides with his shosh.

In other expose, Chira’s best friend Chesoni said that Brian Chira had paid his rent upto August 2024, hence there is nothing like Chira had rent arrears, those were lies. He said that the contributions were meant for something else and there is a game that was well played.

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