Ann: After Church I Caught My Mum Akipea My Husband Mechi Safi, They Forced me to Watch Them Enjoying.

If you thought you have seen it all, then you still have more to see. Ann a woman from Naivasha who lives in Dagoretti Corner has a story to tell and it is something that she will never forget in her entire life.

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Ann was happily married to her husband and together they had been blessed with two cute children. Marriage life was doing well till 2022, when the unexpected happened.

On a beautiful Sunday Ann together with her two children prepared themselves well and went to the Church, leaving her husband behind. Immediately she left her mother arrived at her home and started getting nasty with her husband.

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Ann said that her son was disturbing so she decided to go back home earlier than usual. She was shocked to catch her mum and husband on bed having a very steamy intimate session. The husband closed the door and forced her to watch them enjoying the act.
It was a very painful experience to have ever witness in her life. She didn’t imagine that her mother was doing that to her. Her mum told her to witness the scene and she should be doing that to her husband. It is something Ann wily never forget in her entire life.
Here is the video.

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