Moyadavid : I made ksh. 420,000 During My 4 hours Meet and Greet in Dubai.

How Moyadavid made ksh. 420,000 in 4 hours while in Dubai.


He started as a street dancer, now he is making millions of money from his art. Kenyas best tiktoker and King of surprises Moyadavid , visited Dubai to do surprises. Moya revealed that there is alot of money in Dubai. He made millions of money while there.

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How Moyadavid Made ksh.420,000 in 4 hours.

Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve, after jetting back in the country. The tiktoker said that, there were alot of bookings, and he couldn’t manage to handle all of them. He said , he decided to host a meet and great event.

Moyadavid in Dubai
Moyadavid in Dubai /Photo Courtesy

It was done on a yacht. The entrance fee was ksh. 7000. The yacht was full and over 60 people attended the event. If you calculate the money he made in 4 hours was: 7000 x60, this is ksh. 420,000.

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The number of surprises He did in Dubai.

This was a very handsome deal for Moyadavid. The king of surprises did 12 surprises while in Dubai. According to him, there is market in the city. It was more expensive as compared to what he charges in Kenya.

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