“Mimba ni Ya Jemo ,  Huyo Bibi Alikuwa Amekalia Stevo” Stevo Simple Boy Manager, Exposes Deep Secrets Between Him and His Wife.


Speaking in an interview , with Trudy Kitui, Chingiboy, the manager of Simple Boy , said that , what  has been happening to Stivo is something that started a while back, he saw the redflags, but did not  walk out of that relationship, he was deeply in love, and  that is how he was blinded, then someone else  went on to impregnate his wife.

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The manager said that whe fist Stevo had his wife Grace was pregnant, he didn’t receive the news with much happiness, he was confused, and even opened up to  him, how he hasn’t engaged in intimacy with the wife for a while. He was therefore sure that Someone else had made her pregnant.

According to the manager, someone who is suspected to  be the legal father to the child is  a man identified as Jemo. There are a lot of story about that pregnancy, but the manager said, the truth  is that Grace cheated on Stevo and the child doesn’t belong to him.  He said the wife was the one controlling the relationship, and in addition a relative to the wife called Simple Boy and told him he is not the  son to the child.

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