Meet Pastor ‘Ronaldo’, Akikupiga Chenga Unapona.( Video).

The stories of fake pastors claiming to be send by almighty God are alarming, especially in African countries. Almost all the African countries have been facing similar challenge, which is fake pastors brainwashing their followers and later Misleading them.

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After the story of Pastor Mackenzie, from Kenya, who commanded his followers to fast till death, so that they can be assured of a space in heaven, videos of pastors doing weird things have emerged online. The videos are mostly from black pastors, misleading their follow black congregants.

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A video of a pastor, who has been nicknamed ‘, ‘Ronaldo‘, because of the way he performs his fake healing miracle has gone viral online. In the video , the pastor is seen dribbling ball past his followers, who it is believed that they are sick or battling with some life issues.

Once the pastor dribbles the ball past you , you get healed. The pastor is seen doing so to several people at the altar, and later they go on and confess that they have been healed.

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This is something that can be seen as a lie, but heartbreaking part is that people still believe in such a pastor and praise them.

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This seems to be a cult and this people have a way they convince their followers to believe them and praise them . It is time for Africa as a continent to fight against fake pastors. Rwanda has already started and they have been able to regulate their churches and religious leaders.

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