MC Jessy: Hiyo Ni Uongo, Churchill Didn’t Buy Us Cars.

MC Jessy Reveals The Truth

One of the most celebrated and famous comedian in the country , MC Jessy, finally decided to open up, on the controversial issue or narrative that has been going viral online. It is the issue between the former comedians who were performing at Churchill show.

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A section of comedian led by Paul Oguttu and MCA Tricky claim that Churchill well known as Daniel Ndambuki, did not only give them a platform, but also went an extra mile of buying for them cars.

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In an interview with Paul Oguttu, MCA Tricky said that is true, Churchill gave them ksh.300,000 each to buy cars. He admitted that he is a very essential person in his life, and he is the reason behind his success.

However a section of Comedians led by YY, Chipukeezy and also MC Jessy have denied the claims. They said that Churchill didn’t buy anyone a car, but instead he gave them a very vital platform, that helped them to grow, and bought cars on their own.

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Jessy who was like deputy to Churchill, said that was just a story of Paul Oguttu, there is nothing like that that happened. He said Churchill gave the a platform, they became celebrities and started getting deals, and from those deals they then bought their own cars. He said Oguttu was just deceiving Kenyans.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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