” Leo Hakuna Mziki Utulie” Riggy G Calms Down Karen Nyamu During Samidoh’s Event.

Deputy President , Rigathi Gachagua was among the senior government officials who attended Mugithi singer, Samidoh’s event , in one of the famous city hotels.

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Samidoh launched a foundation, that was aimed at supporting young talents, especially in the field of sports. Because he has connections with government officials, through Karen Nyamu, alot of key dignitaries in the government showed up.

Rigathi Gachagua was the one who led the contribution session. As usual, Riggy G is always a funny person. He decided to bash Karen Nyamu and created a light moment, after he decided to calm down her, by telling her that , it wasn’t a music day, it is a day of contributing money, so she should calm down.
” Leo hakuna muziki, ni siku ya kutoa pesa, kwa hivyo tulia” Gachagua told Nyamu.

It seemed to be a savage comment, it created a light moment in the building. The deputy president was able to raise several millions of money for Samidoh’s foundation. Most government officials were giving out amount not less than ksh.100,000 .

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Senator Karen Nyamu also showed her support to her lover Samidoh, and she was the reason why most of the senators from both Azimio and Kenya Kwanza contributed huge amounts of money to support the project.

Here is the link to the full video on Instagram.

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