Larry Madowo: I Failed KCSE , But Now I’m A Millionaire Journalist Travelling Different Countries.

Larry Madowo Reveals His KCSE Grade

The famous and celebrated kenyan journalist Larry Madowo finally decided to open up on his KCSE results and how it really devastated his parents who even wanted him to rewind form four.

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This comes after the ministry of education announced the 2023 KCSE results, whereby students didn’t perform well, and about 48,000 students got an E. Larry Madowo decided to encourage them by giving them hope using his own example.

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Through his official Facebook page, Larry Madowo said that he failed KCSE , and it was a very tough moment for him. He got a B-(Minus), keeping in mind that during that time, the entry to university was B plain, meaning that it was difficult for him to go as a government sponsored student.

Larry Madowo

Larry said that he refused to rewind form four, so that he can get a good grade. Fast forward, he has hustled his way up and now he is a famous wealthy journalist, working for CNN, and he is earning millions of money.

Larry revealed that last year alone, he travelled over 27 different countries across the world. He is making more major moves, and he is also a role model to many journalists in the country, who even scored grades above him.

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He urged the candidates who feel that they have failed not be devastated, everything will be fine in future as long as they work hard and more smart. Failing exam is not the end, it is just a stepping stone to fly more higher with new energy. Congratulations to all the candidates.

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