Kate Actress: All My Events Outfits are Worth More than ksh. 100,000.

Kate Actress reveals that she uses mor than Ksh.100,000 on her events outfits.

Kate Actress is one of the female celebrities who always impress Kenyans with her dope outfits and dressing code. She always dress to Impress. Her design is always on point, and she always shows up at an event looking smart than all.

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The Wakanda event , Kate was the queen of the night. He outfit and appearance was the talk of the event. She even caught the attention  of international celebrities , because her dress code was very unique and also in line with the event.

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Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve. Kate Actress said that looking good and unique during events is very expensive. She said that each dope outfit that she usually shows up in any event , is worth more than ksh. 100,000 . This includes planning and all other things.

When she attended the netflix event in South Africa, she had to pay ksh.50,000, for just hiring the dress, she wore during the event . Kate said it is very expensive , that is why she always appreciate the love she gets from  all the fans.

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She said that she is still trying to come up with a way that will make the whole thing atleast cheaper. She will start making outfit from scratch and in advance. Kate said that , expenses are among the things that usually makes her not to attend all the events.

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If you are her fan, you can notice very well that, Kate usut usually attends, big brands events and international events. In all of them, she usually shows up looking very dope and stunning.

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