Teacher Kalausi: It took me only 20 Minutes to Make Ksh.500,000 on Tiktok.

Teacher Kalausi narrates how he made ksh.500,000 on tiktok,in a span of 20 Minutes.

Tiktok is becoming the new source of income for the content creators. The world is really changing, they no longer need to go to streets again. Teacher Kalausi is one of the famous content creators in Kenya who are making huge amount of money through tiktok.

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Kalausi is one of the most famous Kenyan tiktoker and content creator. His videos have gone viral several times. What most people love about his content, is creativity. His content is very unique and the things he does usually have humor and also make sense.

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Speaking in an interview with 2Mbili . Teacher Kalausi said that tiktok is paying his bills and he is now living a good life courtesy of it.

Teacher Kalausi
Teacher Kalausi/ Courtesy

The content creator said that the highest amount of money he has ever made on tiktok is ,ksh. 500,000, and this happened in a span of 20 Minutes. It was during a live match , and one of the tiktokers from abroad gifted him 1Million diamonds, which is equivalent to ksh.0.5 Million.

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He has also been able to buy a Mazda Demio, worth ksh. 700,000 . All this money, he earned from content creation on tiktok and going on live matches. He urged Kenyans to be more creative and join tiktok , because it has alot of money, that can change someones life completely.

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