“I Don’t Chase Clout” Notiflow Says as She Shows the Logbook of the Car She Bought For Her Girlfriend.

Notiflow and Kinglami

(Image, Notiflow and Kinglami)

Notiflow has come out openly to prove to Kenyans that it was not clout chasing, she seriously gifted the love of her life Kinglami a brand new car.
Just a week ago, Notiflow was trending on all social media pages after she gifted Kinglami a brand new Volkswagen as a birthday gift. Kinglami was over the moon and she empressed and thanked her several times.

However there were romours going online that it was just showbiz. Even some of the social media users alleged that Notiflow had hired a car just for views and trending purposes just like other Kenyan famous Kenyan artists are used to.
Notiflow decided to prove to Kenyans that she is indeed the legal owner of the car, by showing of the logbook of the car. The logbook contains her name, but she is waiting for 2 to 3 weeks so that NTSA can transfer it to her bae’s name.

(Here is the screenshot of Notiflow showing of the log book of the car).

(source, Screen grab Notiflow Instagram Stories).

She went a head and slammed famous Kenyan Celebrities for faking and clout chasing using the cars that they have hired from the car companies as gifts. Notiflow urged the celebrities to be real and just contented with what they have.

Otherwise her relationship with Kinglami is doing well and the two lesbian lover birds are indeed enjoying their life. They are yet to celebrate their first anniversary this year, and their are some romours that Kinglami is having a big surprise for Notiflow. It might be an engagement ring, because the two have already hinted on getting married soon.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.(courtesy of Mungai Eve).

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