” I’m The Most Used Single Mum, Huwa Nakulwa na Kuachwa tu” Nyako Reveals.

The Kenyan tiktoker based in Germany Pilot Nyako decided to open up on his relationship life, and why it has been difficult for her to find a very good man.
Speaking via her tiktok live, Nyako revealed that she feels like the most used and dumped single mother. She said that most of her relationships have been failing terribly.

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Men only want to use her and once they get enough of her they dump her. She said that she has a weakness of falling in love deeply , especially if the man is good in bed, she always gets obsessed by their skills and that is it.

Nyako said that alot of men have sedduced her , she fells in love with them, but after a while it ends in premium tears, because it turns out that they only wanted to use her.

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In her previous interview , Nyako publicly revealed that she used to be a prostitute, she used to sleep with alot of men daily basis, and this changed her life, because, she was able to get money, learn Germany and secured a chance to go to Germany. That is how her life changed completely. But when it comes to love she is a failure.

Click the link to watch full video on YouTube.

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