“I’m Dating Zuchu, Ni Dem Yangu ” Kenyan Amapiano Singer Cartoon 47 Says.

Cartoon 47 Dating Zuchu

“I’m Dating Zuchu, Ni Dem Yangu ” Kenyan Amapiano Singer Cartoon 47 Says.

One of the most famous Kenyan Amapiano singer Cartoon 47 has caused stir online again. This time round Cartoon has publicly said that him and Zuchu are dating and they have been in a relationship for almost 1 year.

Speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali, Cartoon who attended Diamond Platinumzs and Zuchu’s valentine event in Tanzania on February 14th this year said that Zuchu was the one who invited him and it is because they are in a private relationship.

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Cartoon claimed that what Diamond and Zuchu are doing online is just showbiz to make Diamond Platinumz remain more relevant. He said that he speaks with Zuchu everyday via the video calls and Zuchu has even told him that she is ready to get married.

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Cartoon said that he knows Kenyans won’t trust him but they will believe when he will be proposing to her this year. Cartoon said that he isn’t clout chasing it is something real. Cartoon 47 also said that the main reason why he decided to date Zuchu is that Kenyan songbird Jovial refused his proposal so he decided to go international.
The Amapiano superstar is determined that he will marry Zuchu very soon. He said that people should stop asking him questions and if he feels jealous when Diamond Platinumz gets cosy with Zuchu online.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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