“I’m Brave, Kama Ningefanya KCPE Ningekuwa The Top Student in Kenya” Rev Victor Githu Brags.

Reverend Victor Githu

(Image, Rev Victor Githu).

One of the most famous young Reverend Victor Githu has come out openly to rubbish the romours that has been trending online that he only managed to score 227 marks in the recently announced KCPE exams. According to the allegations it is said that Githu did well in CRE and he managed to score 96%, which is a straight A.

Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve, Victor Githu who is known as the man of God confidently rubbished the allegations and openly revealed that he is still in grade six. Githu said that his performance in school is very awesome and amazing.
He went ahead and bragged that if it is true that he could have done the KCPE exams, then without any doubt he could have emerged as the top student in the country with that 428 marks. He said he is very brave and smart.

Githu said that he is famous and he is now used to being trolled and bullied online. Even when he saw the allegations spreading online, he wasn’t shocked because he has been used to seeing people doing that every time.
He quoted a verse from the bible that says that a good tree is the one that usually receives a lot of stones. So according to him he is a good tree and being annointed by God to preach the gospel, he must be ready to receive hate and negative things from his haters.
Victor Githu said that he is always praying for his haters who at the age of 12 years only are struggling to bring him down and make him surrender from the gospel. Githu said he will never surrender and his haters will witness him success.
He thanked his mother for always supporting him and encouraging him. Githu said that when he started ministering the word of God, and hate was coming from every social media platform, his mother used to cry, but now days she always encourages him.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.
(courtesy of Mungai Eve).


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