“I’m an Original Lesbian and I Will Never Date a Man again in My Life “Notiflow Vows.

Notiflow and Kinglami


(source, screengrab, Notiflow Instagram).

One of the most famous Kenyan female celebrity and entrepreneur and also musician, Notiflow has publicly revealed that she will never date a man in her life, and she is now an original Lesbian.

Notiflow said this while surprising her ex girlfriend Kinglami with a brand new Volkswagen as her birthday gift and also for being loyal and romantic to her. The two lover birds have been dating for almost one year now and their anniversary is in may. Notiflow said that she has now found the lover she has been looking for. She enjoys being a lesbian, and out of all the people she has dated Kinglami is the best.
Notiflow said that she is ready to get married to Kinglami and spent with her the rest of her life, because when women love, they love for real. Notiflow decided to become a lesbian after all her relationship with famous public figures failed, and it was a very tough moment for her because men used to beat her and also cheat on her.

She said she is now happy, she has found a person who loves her, know her worthiness and also treats her like a queen.

Notiflow is currently happy and it seems that all her boyfriends were treating her very bad as compared to her girlfriend Kinglami. Toxic relationships have made most ladies to Join the Lgbtq society. Currently there are alot of lesbians in Kenya it is becoming normal.

Here e is the link to the full video on YouTube.
(courtesy of Eve Mungai).

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