“I Wanted to Sell My Chairs To Go To US and Become An American” Susan Kihika Reveals

Susan Kihika's political journey


(kihika addressing Kenyans in Diaspora).

During the Kenya Kwanza coalition meeting in Uk, Senator Susan Kihika gave a very inspirational speech and how she managed to rise from grass to grace. Speaking to Kenyans in Diaspora Susan Kihika said that she was forced to leave her law practice in United States and follow her dreams which was to be among the famous politicians in Kenya.
However things were not easy because she wasn’t familiar with her own constituency which was Bahati in Nakuru. Due to poor planning and also poor campaigning skills she failed terribly and she was left there with nothing.
She had used all her money for campaign, the only thing she had been left with was her luxurious chairs.
Kihika said she had already made up her mind to sell her chairs so that she can buy tickets for her and her children and travel to US and become an American. She uploaded them on online platform and she was waiting for a customer when she saw a county speaker job vacancy.
Since she had strong law papers, she decided to apply for the opportunity. By gooduck she won and became the county speaker of Nakuru. Since then she has been elavating. She managed to win the Nakuru senator seat in 2017. Currently she is determined to become the first female governor of Nakuru County.

Kihika is a very fearless woman and she has qualities of a good leader, and she indeed has a bright future in politics. She is currently supporting UDA and she is likely to have the UDA gubernatorial ticket in Nakuru.

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