” I Want To Do DNA For All My Children” Bahati Tells Diana Marua.

The Bahati’s reality show is something else, the couple have been featured on Netflix and there show is now available on the platform. The two said that it is a reality show because everything in the show is something they go through in real life.

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The show is full of drama, however the part that really shocked many people, was the final part, when Bahati was questioned by Phoina about his children with Diana Marua.

Phoina who is also featured in the show, asked Bahati, what he will do, if he founds out that, all his children with Diana aren’t his real children. This is a question that has been asked by many people. Even blogs online has been speculating that there are chances that the children don’t belong to Bahati.

In the reality show, Bahati seemed to be really stressed by the question, and he felt that, now it was time to let the cat out of the bag. Bahati had a conversation with Diana Marua, and the final part really left Diana heartbroken.

The musician told Diana Marua that he now wants DNA for all his children. He wants to prove if indeed they are his children. That was from the final part of the video. Diana Marua was shocked and you could see the tears rolling down his cheeks. The reality show is on Netflix and it is indeed amazing and dope, check it out.

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