” Alipelekea Mganga Kuku Tano Za Black” Cindy Exposed For Visiting Witchdoctor to Be Rich.

One of the most controversial famous tiktoker, Cindy Baibe who went viral online, for selling her private videos on Tiktok live, has been exposed badly as his close friends and family including her brother, decided to expose her ,and reveal the source of her wealth.

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In a span of six months, Cindy baibe life has completely changed, and she is a millionaire already and owns a brand new vitz that she acquired for ksh.2 Million. Cindy revealed that all her wealth is from tiktok and she has been saving. She said that she used to earn ksh.50,000 daily from selling her private videos.

However her close friends have revealed that Cindy went to seek for dark powers, it has been alleged that she went to a certain witchdoctor who resides in Kariobangi area. She was told to carry along 5 black chicken and those were the offerings.

The main reason she went there was to get more people on her live and also get rich. The plan worked successfully, and her life transformed. Something that made her friends to leak this secret. Cindy calls the witchdoctor her pastor but in real sense he is a witchdoctor and he was able to save the mother of one from poverty.

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Cindy lives in a two bedroom fully furnished apartment, she now drives and back at home she built a ksh.800,000 house for her mother.
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